Your First Trip to Ireland Itinerary

If you’re planning on visiting Ireland for the first time, the first thing you should consider is which version of Ireland are you looking to see? Would you like to reconnect with nature and spend time wandering through beautiful national parks? Are you looking for a quaint seaside escape filled with teahouses and local shopping? Or do vibrant cities with excellent dining, shopping, and cultural attractions get your heart pumping?

What should I do in Ireland?

One of the most exciting parts of any trip is figuring out what you’d like to do and see along the way! Ireland is extra fun, because there’s such a range of experiences to be had here. The first step, then is to decide what kind of trip you’d like to have!

When you visit Ireland, you can spend your time embarking on grand adventures like hiking and even swimming in the icy Atlantic Ocean. If that’s not your speed, what about a city break in Dublin or Cork, where you can spend cosy afternoons in pubs or strolling through parks and museums? History buffs are thrilled with Ireland’s ancient culture and ruins, while nature lovers can spend their trip driving along the Wild Atlantic Way or visiting pristine national parks.

If you’re trying to decide what to do in Ireland, picture your dream trip: you can find it here!

What should I pack for Ireland?

Ireland enjoys a relatively mild climate, meaning travellers should be comfortable visiting at any season. While summer doesn’t always see soaring temperatures, that also means that winter will often be mild and more comfortable.

However, Ireland has a well-earned reputation as a rainy and windy country, so it’s always wise to pack a few extra layers and some waterproof clothes. A sweater, even in the summer, is a must-have, and a waterproof jacket usually wouldn’t go amiss.

If you’re planning on doing a lot of exploring during your trip, a sturdy pair of waterproof shoes or boots will serve you well!

If you’re looking for a specific itinerary on your first trip to Ireland, or if you aren’t sure where you’d most like to go and you’re looking for a bit of guidance, consider booking a group tour – not only will you have the knowledge and experience of your guide to show you the way, you’ll also save on accommodation, food, and attractions.

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