Where to Take the Best Photos in Iceland

Iceland is an incredible destination for all travellers, but for photographers, it is the holy grail. It’s almost guaranteed that you can point your lens anywhere and you’ll end up with a great picture. Having said that, if you do your research and follow these essential tips for where to take the best photos in Iceland, you’ll end up with incredible images that you will cherish for a lifetime. With our Iceland photography tips, you’ll be filling up your Instagram feed in no time!

How to photograph Iceland

Do your research before you go

Iceland is like nowhere else you’ll ever visit. This volcanic island in the middle of nowhere produces some of the most extreme weather this side of Europe. The more research you do before you go, the better prepared you’ll be for each location, giving you the advantage over other photographers. Elements such as possible angles, the best time of day for shooting and equipment choice will all benefit from this planning.

Iceland has so much to photograph, and it can be all too easy to get sucked into shooting the same locations as other photographers. It’s important to add your style to each shot you capture to make sure you come home with unique photographs that represent your trip.

Best time to visit Iceland

Before you start thinking about what photographs you want to capture, it’s important to consider when to go (as this will heavily influence the outcome of your photos). Iceland offers a totally different photographic experience all year round. Travel in the winter and you’ll experience the incredible northern lights, travel in summer and you’ll experience the midnight sun phenomena which provides endless hours of golden light. Once you’ve decided when you’d like to go, it’s time to start planning out the locations you want to visit.

Iceland photography guide: best locations

If you’re wondering where to take the best photos in Iceland, these are the places you need to add to your list. Hint: bookmark this article before you head overseas!

1. Dettifoss

It goes without saying that all of Iceland’s waterfalls are breathtaking. However, one of the best to photograph (and visit) was Dettifoss, otherwise known as Iceland’s most powerful waterfall.

Top tip: There are two vantage points to witness the extreme amount of water flowing. Try approaching it from the far side rather than the more popular entrance. Fewer people access the waterfall from this side, and it gives a more open view of the landscape.

2. Skaftarhreppur

Another incredible spot was Skaftarhreppur, an incredibly large valley that is one of the most underrated photographic places in Iceland.

3. Búðakirkja

Iceland’s notorious Black Church, located on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula is a truly spectacular destination. Built on a bed of solidified lava, Búðakirkja is a photographers dream. The Black Church stands out from its landscape, offering an incredible juxtaposition from any angle.

4. Höfn

The town of Höfn is a small coastal village in Iceland’s west. Höfn is perfect for those wanting to add some smaller towns to their Iceland photography itinerary. The busy docks are alive with boats and fisherman frequently departing and arriving. This offers excellent opportunities for photographers looking to snap the action or maybe grab a quick portrait. Höfn also has a diner by the name of Hafnarbuðin. It’s a small American diner against the docks, but they serve brilliant and straightforward meals for cheap (by Icelandic standards). Bonus points for the lovely staff. Well worth the stop if you’re in the area.

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