Azerbaijan Food

Intriguing history, untouched natural wonders, ultra-modern architecture, and grand palaces — you’ll find all this and so much more in Azerbaijan.

There’s no shortage of impressive attractions in this country, and yet, it’s still somehow overlooked by so many travellers. Once you visit, you’ll start asking yourself the same question every visitor has when they arrive in Azerbaijan: why isn’t this place packed with tourists?

Why you’ll love Azerbaijani cuisine

Commanding a significant location along Silk Road routes and boasting a culinary heritage that dates back more than 2,000 years, food in Azerbaijan pays homage to the traders that passed through this region for centuries. Whenever you sit down for a meal here, you’re essentially taking a big bite out of the country’s history.

There are some similarities between Azerbaijani cuisine and the country’s Caucasus neighbours, but Azerbaijani food manages to stay steadfastly true to itself.

Three dishes you need to try in Azerbaijan

1. Plov

One of the most famous Azerbaijani staples is plov, saffron-flavoured rice cooked with dried fruits, nuts, and aromatic herbs — everything from cinnamon to apricots, dates or chestnuts. The rice is typically served with meats like mutton and lamb as well, which are two of the most common flavour combinations.

2. Qutab

Made with lavash (a thin flatbread), qutab is a thick, savoury pancake that’s filled with minced meat, cheese, or vegetables, along with spices like cilantro and sumac. Once assembled, it’s folded into a moon shape and fried on a flat pan until the centre is soft and the edges are golden brown and crispy.

3. Baliq

If you love seafood, you’ll love baliq! Fresh sturgeon from the Capsian Sea is grilled on a skewer and served with a sour plum sauce. It may sound simple but it’s remarkably delicious; the fish is marinated with lemon, dill, and salt — a combination that amplifies all the flavours and creates a perfectly crispy finish.

Of course, food is only one of many reasons to visit these three countries. Along with all the unbelievably delicious eats mentioned above, a trip to this region promises jaw-dropping scenery, ancient architectural wonders, and extraordinary sights galore.

And, since Georgia and Azerbaijan are still flying relatively under the radar, you can leave the tourist crowds behind and explore these up-and-coming destinations before the rest of the world gets there.

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